Smoked Cape Grim Rump

So here’s the thing. I’ve always wanted to the kind of guy who could make some good meat, a top notch roast, perfectly cooked with ample flavor. To be known for it. Living in an apartment has made that a bit difficult as a full scale Weber BBQ is a bit large to neatly fit on the balcony. Recently, we picked up a ProQ Frontier smoker. This struck me as a good sized smoker / BBQ for the balcony, it’s a bit smaller than the Weber in diameter and can also handle smoking a bit more easily. The thing that always made me a bit nervous with BBQ roasts is getting the meat cooked properly and evenly. To get around this I used a few tricks and tools to try and make a nicely cooked roast.



  • 5kg Cape Grim rump.
  • A rub made from salt, sugar, pepper and paprika.
  • Assorted veges.


  • The fat was trimmed off the beef, I still left a bit of a fat cap on top but not much. I‘ve learned that lots of fat in low temperature cooking often doesn’t render very well.
  • I gave the meat a good rub with liberal amounts of spice mix. The idea of this was to add some flavors to the meat. I’d read on a few websites that people pre-seat the meat before using sous vide. The reasoning behind this is to kick-star the Mailllard reaction and let the flavors intensify. I seared the meat lightly with a blowtorch.


  • From there the meat was bagged and placed in the sous vide at 56°C for 3 and a half hours. I cooked it sous vide for a few hours to improve the tenderness of the meat, yet still maintain fine control over how well done the meat would be.
  • After the 3 and half hours the meat was placed in an ice bath to rapidly drop the core temperature.
  • The BBQ was fired to 225°F (excuse the mixed temperatures. BBQ information all seems to use ° I used a handful of oak barrel chips on the bed of hot coals to add some smoke to the cook.


  • The meat cooked for about an hour and half to get to an internal temperature of 140°F (60°C).
  • The roast was then removed, wrapped in Al foil and allowed to rest before serving.
  • I served this roast sliced, with mashed potatoes and broccoli. The potatoes used in the mash were smoked next to the roast while it was cooking and then microwaved for a few minutes before mashing with milk and butter.served

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